last update: 23.10.2014

Simple scanning software with the following features:

  • Quick save of selections from preview
  • Setting of more target directories/files -> simple switching
  • Preview, rotation, delete, copy to clipboard of the saved pictures
  • Remote scanning (ScanRnServer is necessary)
  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish (by Daniel E. Velazquez), Greek (by Efstratios F. Arvanitidis), Italian (by Francesco Riggio), Polish (by Benjamin & Pawel M.), Hebrew (by Ran Shinar), Brazilian Portuguese (by Mário Dias Jr), Gallic (by Pablo Rodríguez Fernández), Catalan (by Alejandro Muñoz Basols), Czech (by Jaroslav Čížek), Slovene (by Andrej Kikelj), French (by Hubert Gailly), Russian (by Варварич Тарас Антонович), Ukrainian (by Варварич Тарас Антонович), Lithuanian (by Vaidas Baranauskas), Chinese (by Yiyuan Ying 应意圆), Nederlands (by Ted Jansen), Swedish (by Johan Svensson), Hungarian ... translation to other languages is possible (for the translations into other languages I grant a free registration code for ScanRnServer - the text to be translated is in the languages.ini file)
  • Freeware
  • New in v1.23:
    - Printing of the saved pictures in their original size.
    - One click to full page scan and printing (or use the Hotkey Pause - it also works when the ScanRn is in background, or minimized)
    - To start the scanning use the Remote Control function of your mobile phone (this function is available for example on SonyEricsson mobiles via BlueTooth)



Share a Scanner over the LAN. You can share your scanner and scan from other machines of the network using the ScanRn program:

  • You do not have to ask your colleague to scan for you or to pass his/her PC while you scan
  • It is not necessary to reconnect the scanner to your machine
  • When the scanner is connected to your PC nobody will bother your because of scanning in the future
  • The unregistered version is completely free but you can scan only at one resolution in this version
  • New in v3.0:
    It is not necessary to install a client program as ScanRnServer is available via an up-to-date WEB browser. So we can easily scan full page documents by entering the address: http://server_ip:server_port (see the image)( on port 80, simply http//:server_ip) in e.g. Chrome browser under any type of operation systems (Windows, Linux, Android and IOS).


Full version: